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Art Pile
8 most recent entries

Date:2006-01-30 09:56
Subject:The best anticipation, un!
Mood: anxious

Akatsuki only, un.Collapse )

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Date:2005-12-15 09:49
Mood: energetic

How are any of you having problems with MPR, hmmm?! Just look at him, he's so cute, un~! Have you seen his teeth? He's teething, so be nice, un.

Private, un!Collapse )

That reminds me, does anyone have anything that MPR can chew on while he's teething, hmmm? He's been very fidgety and needs more attention and toys he chewed on my hand once, but the mouth bit him back so, he's been good ever since, un!

Sasori-danna!Collapse )

I'm hungry, un. Who wants to go have tea with me, hmmm?

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Date:2005-10-31 10:07
Mood: stressed

Message to Tsunade (exploding stamp included)Collapse )

Confidential to AkatsukiCollapse )

Sasori-danna! I never want to team with Gill Face again, un! Let's go out and eat pocky before Leader-sama hears about the mission failure and kills me, my treat, hmmm?

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Date:2005-09-16 18:58
Mood: nostalgic

I almost forgot about this thing, yeah...now I'm supposed to talk about what happened, hmmmm?

I saw the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki outside of Sunagakure, yeah. He was an obnoxious little brat, not even worth the time if not for the hidden prize, but exquisite... Yeah, it was fun playing with him. It was great when he got angry when I hurt the genjutsu kunoichi, yeah. Some of his more attractive traits appeared...yeah, what a treat.

What a lovely little prize I would have had to bring back to our great leader, but the stupid Konoha Sennin (Jeriya or whatever, yeah) that that whimp, Orochimaru, allowed to get information about our organization showed up and ruined EVERYTHING! YEAH! Sharkhead said he fought him before with Itachi-san or something...and that it might be dangerous or something...yeah, I don't know. I could have beat him, yeah! Stupid Kisame. What a drag, yeah.

Akatsuki OnlyCollapse )

...Fishstick, don't get in my way when I'm working, unless you want to get hurt, yeah!

Private, yeahCollapse )

Hmmm, I think I need more clay, yeah. I really want to leave an impression here, yeah.

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Date:2005-08-10 22:17
Mood: giddy

Sunagakure's mine and fish-brains's next stop, yeah. We'll be there in a few days. Yeah, I can't wait. I HATE THE FREAKIN' DESERT, YEAH!!! NOTHING TO BLOW UP FOR MILES AND MILES!! IT SUCKS, YEAH!!!

I hope there's something I can play with in town, yeah. I haven't had fun in ages. A loud toy, yeah. The quiet ones are so boring, hmmmm? Right? Yeah.

...Gill face is crying...telling me to "shut up" or something...yeah. Oh well, fine, he can have the stupid laptop, yeah. And melted pocky in his sleeping bag later too, yeah.

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Date:2005-07-13 16:54
Mood: hyper

Just a reminder for our leader that I'm still miserable out here on the roads with Fish Brain, yeah. Our destination couldn't be any further from us, could it? Hmmmm? I'm almost out of clay too, which sucks...yeah.

If there was anything good about my former village, it was the food, yeah. After visiting about every cheap restaurant along the way, I've decided I can't stand foreign, poorly cooked food. Yeah, it's awful. I bought a case of pocky at the last village, just 'cause I was starving and had no other choice...yeah!

Immediately after I got it, Kisame started bitching about how I shouldn't have gotten something so large and heavy and stupid or something like that, yeah. I don't know, I ignored him and ate my fill, so there. Stupid shark, yeah!

Akatsuki OnlyCollapse )

I think I'll eat the vanilla pocky next, yeah.

OoC: Feel free to do something if you want to, Hikari. I hope I gave you something to work with, just yell at me if I did something bad. I think we should just wait until someone else gives us an opening to jump in and AMBUSH ATTACK KILL KILL KILL!!!

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Date:2005-06-18 23:39
Subject:Mission start...yeah.
Mood: mischievous

Stupid Kisame and I are officially on our mission now...yeah...

Traveling is sooo boring, yeah. I tried to play with the mini pigeons and turtles I made, but Kisame yelled at me when I threw them at some rocks and stuff! Yeah! He said something like, "Be quiet! Blah blah! You're obnoxious! Blah blah blah blah blah!" ...yeah. He's worse than Sasori-danna, yeah! At least Sasori-danna sometimes killed trees with me, but Sushi Face is just stupid and boooring, yeah. Kisame doesn't understand art at all. He's the worst partner ever...yeah. Sasori-danna made ugly puppets at least...yeah. Sushi Face can't do anything, yeah!

WHY DO I HAVE TO SHARE A LAPTOP WITH FISH BREATH ANYWAY?! You'd think the most powerful criminal organization would have the resources! Stupid leader, yeah. What the heck does he do all day anyway? Definitely not the finances, yeah.

I'm still surprised that Gill Head can type...yeah.

Confidential: Akatsuki Members OnlyCollapse )

...if Bubble Butt scolds me again, I'll feed him one of my fish, yeah. So what if there's clay on the keyboard? Deal with it, yeah!

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Date:2005-06-01 21:41
Mood: annoyed

I have a journal now. If you say something bad about anything I say, I'll kill you...yeah.

Our leader's a real pain...yeah. First he gives Sasori-danna and I nothing to do for a million years, and then he teams me with that chum-licking Kisame!!! To go to ConfidentialCollapse ) Why can't Itachi-san go? It's stupid. Yeah!

ConfidentialCollapse )

I don't know, I just have to bring a good-sized portion of clay...yeah. Not too much for the weaklings, I doubt I'll be impressed, yeah. I just hope that stupid Kisame doesn't slow me down or screw up this mission like when he and Itachi-san went after the Kyuubi brat. I'll be pissed...yeah.

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